It’s Friday night…work has been a bitch all week and you’re ready to start blowin’ down on some good kush. You crack open a fresh pack of vanilla Dutch Masters or grape Game Rillos and proceed to prepare for the blunt build – here’s 3 things not to do when trying to roll a good blunt.

1.) Don’t use a ton of spit – Dampening your blunt to help with a successful, smooth roll is indeed necessary but you don’t have to slobber all over the damn thing. Some people use the condensation dripping down the side of a beverage to moisten the wrap but if you do elect to use your tongue; the average licks is about 5 at the most. Remember, you just want the blunt licks to aid in securing the wrap around / bind of the finish. Adding in extra licking just sets the scene for a cannabis themed porno and we’ll save that for another time.

2.) Don’t forget to grind your weed down thoroughly – All too often, people are in a rush to smoke so they don’t break the bud down as much as possible. You don’t want your blunt bulky, in theory, so put that grinder to work beforehand. Grind it up, check the status, grind it up again, check the status once more and continue that until you feel confident enough to start packing the leaf optimally.

3.) Don’t remove too much of the leaf – We aren’t referring to the “purification” process which is extracting as much tobacco as possible from the cigarillo but more so the altering to fit your needs. Say you want to roll a rillo joint and go to peeling / slicing off extra length haphazardly; be careful not to remove too much or else you’ll just end up scraping it all. A blunt with more weed in it than wrap isn’t a pleasant experience and makes for such a sloppy presentation.


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