Picture this… a beautiful granite countertop of Papa’s OG buds with the THC radiating so glorious that it threatens to bring a tear to your eye. This type of strain needs to be smoked to perfection and maximized for its rich, THC content. A grinder is a building block to the marijuana maven’s toolkit and here are 4 reasons why.

1.) Bare handing is just reckless – Using your hands to break up the bud is typically rushed and can be a little hassle if the strains are super sticky, so the grinder can help you optimize even the moistest of buds. There has been many a case where almost a joint’s worth of cannabis has been scattered about due to being hand held in the front seat of a car, that is an easily avoided liability. The grinder is to the set up as necessary as a mechanic’s wrench – get yourself one at your earliest convenience.

2.) Allows for kief storage place –Due to the high levels of terpenes (1) and cannabinoids in kief, its value is realized. Some grinders come with a storage place for kief buildup and that means you can potentially have a power punch for that after work bowl. Being able to stash away kief for later use should be a no brainer and a grinder helps you achieve that.

3.) Easy transportation – Breaking cannabis down on a bent travel brochure does not make for the easiest transportation method to a bowl and/or blunt / joint wrap. Mince the buds in your grinder, make sure you harvest your kief as efficiently as possible and effortlessly spread that bed of marijuana into your choice of hardware or software (get it?).

4.) Little to no cleanup – Aside from just the fear of wasting the bud, the amount of complications it can add to the finish is just bothersome. Imagine; you’ve just absolutely pearled a packed joint and now must clean up a mess – the most important part of smoking for relaxation, is relaxation. Bring the grinder along just for tidiness purposes at least.


There are a ton of reasons why you should invest in a grinder and an abundance of gnarly grinders out there to help make the world a greener place. If you don’t already own one? Look into purchasing a grinder ASAP; get connected and get your cannabis on!



  1. Terpenes screen grab from “What are Cannabis Terpenes?” article by Green Relief. https://www.greenrelief.ca/blog/what-are-cannabis-terpenes/




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