Marijuana, weed, cannabis, pot, reefer and a plethora of other names describe this green plant that has been revered for eons now. With the win streak in recent US legislation and Canada having just legalized ganja for recreational use; the green machine picks up an abundance of steam to finish out the year. Now, in terms of medical reference, CBD is strengthening its reputation as a legitimate treatment choice of sorts but what is CBD? Cue the introduction.

Cannabidiol, better known as CBD, is one of the many chemicals found in cannabis. CBD won’t get you high, it’s not like the latter, THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) but its medicinal effects have made it increasingly popular among the wellness community.

CBD is non-psychotropic and 1st began gaining ground in the scientific research industry as a remedy for individuals suffering from REM sleep behavior disorder (1). REM sleep behavior disorder or RBD for short is a parasomnia condition that is associated with frequent nightmares due to the loss of muscle atonia during the final stage of sleep (REM). Four patients that were treated with CBD displayed a considerable reduction in RBD-related instances without side effects whatsoever. This is paramount in having shown that components of cannabis can be utilized beyond just being an enjoyable recreational herb.

Along with treating conditions such as RBD, CBD has been FDA approved to treat certain cases of epilepsy. It doesn’t just stop there either, CBD possesses the capabilities of treating a slew of other conditions we plan to discuss down the line via future articles.

Even though cannabis is still frowned upon in a majority of the world, the medicinal beneficiaries cannot be ignored for much longer and the tide is slowly turning towards a promising green wave.



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