The morning cup of joe game has been forever changed with the introduction of CBD coffee but is this modified beverage worth all the hype surrounding it? We may be a little bias here, but we’d like to think so! Let’s get down to the details ?

If you aren’t too keen on what CBD is, please check out one of our earlier articles titled “What is CBD?”. Now, with the law currently swinging in the cannabis community’s favor – there has been a lot more interest in medically contributive avenues involving marijuana as well as just good ol’ fashion recreational use.

One of the more unique recreational uses for cannabis is incorporating its CBD properties into caffeine which is believed to take the edge off the stimuli’s usual onset jitteriness while providing a lax after effect. Coffee shops have been using decent droplet dosing per CBD coffee cup, anywhere from two to 15 drops which equates to about 20 to 30 milligrams.

In our last article; we reviewed a research paper that scientifically proved 25 milligrams of CBD oil helped to treat the progression of arthritis so from the detailed dosages used in the CBD caffeine, we can conclude that the coffee still delivers benefits to some degree here.

Further research needs to be done regarding this product, it’s mixture and beneficiaries (for proven fact reasons) but as we said at the very beginning…we strongly believe CBD coffee is worth it. The stigmas of this beautiful plant are slowly beginning to diminish and we’re excited to be here for it every step of the way!

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