1. Straight-tube bong – Straight-tube bongs are probably the most common type of bongs on the market. You start by filling the tube with a little bit of water, load up the bowl with Hercules’ veggies and spark up! The name is self-explanatory in terms of design – straight tube with stem sealed at one end and bowl casing jutting from the side. This bong is one of our favorites due to sheer simplicity and is a solid starter bong for cannabis community newbies.

2. Beaker bong – Straight out of the science lab and into Cheech’s den, beaker bongs. The straight-tube bong is a straight drop, in terms of design but the beaker bong has a cone bottom. The strobile base makes for a greater pull and facilitation of free-flowing marijuana smoke; we’d consider this type of bong to be for intermediate users looking to upgrade their green toolkit. Side note; the width may make clearing all the ganja smoke in one setting a little tougher so take your time if you’re a cougher.

3. Multi-chamber bong – You’ve just entered the upper echelon of bongs; the treasure chest of THC. Multi-chamber bongs are a combination of either a straight-tube, beaker or improvised bong design base with additional chambers attached for grander cannabis inhalation. Unlike the straight-tube and beaker bongs, both the upper and lower chambers hold water to filter the smoke twice. MC bongs produce a smoother, more efficient smoke than the other bongs on this list and cost a little more. Cleaning becomes difficult with this type of bong given the Frankenstein-esque build; this is an instrument we’d only suggest to dedicated dank warriors.

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