Welcome to our very 1st bud review! ? Our introductory strain is “Space Candy,” a rather frosty flower with a smoother than wine pull.

We used a grinder to break up the Space Candy nug and it was honestly effortless – the texture of this strain is so soft and it’s fluffy but not too fluffy. The tool we used to smoke the nug was a bowl, your standard starter bowl; 2 hits to start and then later about 6 more.

The trichomes (crystal-like stems on the cannabis) of our Space Candy batch were visibly ripe and plentiful. This isn’t a White Widow or anything but the amount of trichomes here are respectable and definitely gets the job done. The THC high took around 5 minutes and 34 seconds after the 1st 2 pulls to start really kicking in and from there? It felt like riding a cerulean blue wave, Kelly Slater style, with the warmth of the sun washing over you ever so gently…yeah.

We suggest trying this strain in a bowl or bong to start because the inhalation is so pure that letting the flower breathe and flow while you hit it adds a sense of peace to the air. Also, pairing it with our February Green Radio song of the month just adds to the vibes ?.

If you’ve tried this strain, tell us about your experience below and if you haven’t? Try it out and let us know what you think afterwards.

We give it a CBD Social Network 7 out of 10 Green Score


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