By Sienna Sensi

Getting high is on the rise, not just in overall popularity but smoking techniques as well. Now, there are so many different ways to get lifted; some of which don’t require you losing your precious lighter. Although I have done my fair share of experimenting, I find myself returning to the good old-fashioned ways time and time again. Each smoking technique has its benefits and setbacks – varying by tolerance and experience. Here’s the low down on my top 3 ways of burning.


Cigarillos used to be my primary tool used to roll up. I’d breakdown about half a gram of bud per rillo and get a couple days’ use from it. It didn’t take too long for me to master the art of rolling blunts – I’d sometimes even be asked to roll for others. This is by far the easiest way to smoke for me, independently and socially; blunts routinely don’t require much maintenance during a sesh. I love being able to pause the blunt via an ash and restart it with absolutely no hassle. The high tends to linger and I can typically gauge how blazed I’ll be once finished. This comes in handy when looking to anticipate how lifted I want to be when doing certain activities. I don’t want to be too zooted when meeting someone for the 1st time, but I don’t mind the intense high at a theme park; these are the different parallels of activities I brainstorm when sparking up. The biggest issue I come across here is the smell; I’m always able to smell the tobacco just as strongly as the pot. Sporting this rather harsh fragrance is not for the queasy, but it can be avoided with proper ventilation afterwards.


The soothing sounds of bubbling always brings me a sense of closure. Bongs, to me, are one of the best ways to get a bang for your buck. You don’t need a ridiculous amount of green loaded to get a buzz when using a bong, which works out perfect if you’re low on medicine or just want to conserve. When I do have the opportunity; I prefer lighting a hemp rope and then using that to light the bowl. This, in my opinion, leaves most of the flavor in the bud even after the bowl is half charred. When in gatherings, I often notice not everyone gets a decent hit near the end of the bong bowl which is definitely a downer. The high harnessed from a bong rip can absolutely creep up on you and slap you in the face if you’re not too careful. Unlike blunts, I never experience a weighty, “foggy” type of stoned when using bongs. If you’re able to really pay attention to how much smoke you pull through your bong, you should be able to anticipate how far away across the sea of sensimilla you’ll sail.


The spliff is a marvelous way to control your smoke. I routinely find more downside than benefits with joints and the high to me resembles a blunt + bong blend. Being mobile here is seldom an issue, due to having the freedom to walk around and enjoy your doobie on the go. Joints trump the bong when socially smoking, because you can eagerly share the love without having to worry about the possibility of glass shattering via a handoff mishap. One of the negatives here is experiencing uneven burning and embers falling off the papers fairly easy so you do have to keep an eye on it as it gets passed around. Pausing and re-lighting the toke tube is an unpredictable endeavor in my opinion, so I do my best to smoke joints in halves. It does take a bit longer to get used to rolling papers as opposed to rillos but I’m so glad I adjusted. After spending some time in England, I prefer “backrolling,” which is basically turning the power of the spliff inside out. The smell of a biffda is very easy to mask and get rid of which is so vital if you want to take a quick puff before heading out somewhere.


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