The strain we’re reviewing on our 2nd go around is Purple Berry Punch; a nug that packs a Granddaddy wallop!

Step 1 was with our handy, dandy grinder and when grinding PBP up, it spread considerably heavier than the Space Candy. The aroma floating off the PBP was absolutely heavenly – it was a fragrance so full of body that it was almost mesmeric. The canna tools we used were both a bowl and a joint; 5 hits straight up with the bowl and a 10-minute half-joint (1 ¼ size) assessment later on in the day.

Not only is this bud super frosty but the purp on it was so beautifully visible that we spent just as much time staring at it as we did smoking it! Haha. The PBP high was noticeably heavy and it hit so powerfully that we’d suggest you pace yourself if you ever decide to pack this in a full blunt or a super loaded spliff. The vibe heightened our relaxation and kept productivity levels sound enough to work efficient; also, the high takes a while to pass which is always a bonus.

The batch of Purple Berry Punch we sampled was 24.2% THC and this isn’t a strain we’d likely recommend to new smokers (due to potency) freshly introduced to the art of cannabis. However, if you have already put in your green time then yes – this is definitely a strain you must try ASAP.

We give it a CBD Social Network 8.6 out of 10


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