We’re back with another BR and this happens to be our favorite strain reviewed thus far, primarily because of the name; Mimosa.

This cannabis strain gets its name from the aroma it omits – smelling like an airy, Sunday brunch served glass of Mimosa in leaf form. The scent alone makes it extremely alluring, and delicious to inhale. We packed Mimosa in a bowl, blunt wraps and joints galore to really diversify the perspective of the review; the joints were our favorite canna tool used because it preserved the smell exquisitely.

The THC high from Mimosa is a “sleeper,” which means it will creep up on you and have you out like a light if you’re not careful. It isn’t as potent as the Purple Berry Punch we tried but it breaks up just as copiously; also, Mimosa is an indoor grown bud (for those grow enthusiasts out there ?). Mimosa may look a little underwhelming at 1st but what it lacks visually, it makes up in distinction and character.

We recommend this bud be sampled when your day is winding down or your schedule is free and beginner smokers may enjoy it heavily due to the uniqueness so don’t be shy newbies!

We give it a CBD Social Network 7.9 out of 10


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