My first time ever smoking CBD flower was definitely an eye opener. Prior to this, my only experience with CBD was through either gummies or the CBD oil smoked in a vape pen. These products were recommended by my chiropractor, which at 1st I was excited about, but honestly never felt too impressed with. I was told I would see significant results and I would need to use the CBD oil and gummies continuously to get those results. Ultimately, this discouraged me from continuing its use especially due to the high prices my chiropractor was charging for the product. So, when it came to smoking the Fig House CBD Blueberry Flower strain, I was not really sure what to expect. Having chronic back pain, I have always felt that CBD is not as strong as or able to give as much relief as THC. When I initially saw the flower, it looked exactly like THC flower. I am not sure why, but this definitely surprised me. As I stated earlier, this was my 1st experience smoking CBD flower. It gave off a nice fruity aroma and looked identical to any other flower I glazed my eyes over prior.

Before even lighting it up, I already felt it was true to its name considering the scent but was still was not sure (at this point) of how it would smoke. With the first few puffs I really tried to relax myself and take in all the activating cannabinoid. It tasted extremely smooth out the gate – it took me a bit to feel the CBD wash over my body. The cannabidiol creeps up on you slowly but once it does? You feel like you are floating free on a cloud. My body was so tranquil, and I actually felt as though I was sinking into the couch beneath me. Along with my chronic back pain, I do also have sciatic nerve tension which causes constant discomfort. On the day that I tested this strain, the pain was especially strong, almost like I have a pinched nerve. Once the CBD kicked in, my pain vanished. I felt blissfully at peace physically as I sunk deeper into the couch. I must admit, I was thoroughly impressed with Fig House’s product. The effects of the CBD lasted about 3 hours. I never got a “head high” or felt disoriented or lazy, just incredibly relaxed and calm. I would say that this is the best part about this CBD flower strain – you stay alert and focused while also being cannabis sedated. After testing this strain, I would say my opinion on CBD has changed; I can see the benefits and felt significant relief.

To order Fig House Blueberry CBD Flower email for pricing (U.S. Shipping only; each purchase comes with COA documentation from accredited lab)


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